Online Monmouth Math Competition

The point of OMMC

The purpose of OMMC, or the Online Monmouth Math Competition, is to give talented high school and middle school students an exciting and engaging way to develop their skills in mathematics.

How will it work

Our current competition consists of 2 individual rounds and 1 team round administered over the span of 4 whole days, consisting of questions with similar difficulty as those posed on the well-established AMC 10/12 and AIME math competitions.

What do I gain

Students will have the opportunity to compete in teams, developing valuable teamwork and collaboration skills. In the competition, they will be able to solve thought-provoking challenging mathematics questions.


January 10th - February 25th

Registration period

February 26th - March 1st

Test submissions open


Problems released, discussion opened


Results returned, winners announced, and certificates awarded


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Contact us!

We recommend that a majority of questions about the competition be sent to the official OMMC email. Send an email to one of the administrators only in the event that you want to address one of them individually. If you have witnessed or experienced any violations of the OMMC Code of Conduct event rules, please contact us immediately.





Headed by Ishaan Akula, Evan Chang, and Bill Fei

The document version of the test information is available here.